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UMKC School of Law student plays important role in recent Sandra Day O’Connor forum

UMKC Law School News

When former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor spoke in the Kansas City area in November, a UMKC School of Law student played an important role in her visit.

O’Connor visited with more than 1200 high school students on the campus of Johnson County Community College on the afternoon of November 12, speaking about the importance of their role in government. Prior to that, the job fell to third-year student Sara Hofeditz Christensen to make sure those students were ready for that message. Through a summer internship with the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri, Hofeditz Christensen wrote curriculum for a summer camp focusing on student rights. It was through this internship that she became involved with the Johnson County First Amendment Foundation—the organization who organized O’Connor’s forum­—and she was called upon to work with Ken Thomas, an Advanced Placement government teacher at Blue Valley Northwest High School, to create a curriculum around the event.

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