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Warning: This Column is about THE LAW

Journal of the Kansas Bar Association

What I'm about to write may shock you, so be prepared. But this month's column is about THE LAW Yes, a legal column. More than just that, it's a First Amendment column. So, grab some smelling salts, get back in your chair, and once you've finished reading this, you might just qualify for CLE credit. Doubtful, but think positive.

You see, a long time ago, a high school library here in the metro had an award-winning book on its shelves that was removed by order of the school board. The book, "Annie on My Mind" by Nancy Garden, recounts a story of a romantic relationship between two high school girls. The book is fiction. But the controversy resulting from the school board's decision to remove the book was anything but; once placed, and then removed, several students sought to assert their First Amendment rights to have the book kept on the shelf. The year was 1995.

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