Welcome!  This Study Guide was prepared on behalf of the Johnson County First Amendment Foundation as part of its “Conversation About the Constitution with Former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor,” to assist teachers and students and to enhance the educational experience of that program.  The guide is divided into accessible units featuring reading and background materials, quizzes, worksheets, reference materials and more.  As you scroll down this page, you will find a wealth of information that you can click on to learn more about the Constitution, American government, and the topics on the agenda of the November 12, 2013 program with Justice O’Connor.

The Foundation would like to offer its special thanks to Ken S. Thomas, Government and Advanced Placement U.S. Government Teacher and We the People Coordinator at Blue Valley Northwest High School, and Sara Christensen, University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Law graduating class of 2014, for their work in preparing this Study Guide; and Prof. John J. Patrick, Director of Indiana University’s Social Studies Development Center, for giving his permission to excerpt material from his published work on the Constitution and for his contributions to, and his helpful suggestions concerning, this Study Guide.

Introduction to the Supreme Court

Worksheets, Charts & Graphs
Amending the Constitution
Amending the Constitution Chart
Kansas & Federal Courts Flow Chart
Kansas Court System Flow Chart
KS Article III
US Article III

Courts of the Supreme Court
Courts of the Supreme Court presentation

Quizes & Writings
Federalist 78 Quiz
Federalist 79 Quiz
Federalist 80 Quiz
Anti-Federalist 78-79 Quiz
Anti-Federalist 80 Quiz
Anti-Federalist 81 Quiz
Anti-Federalist 82 Quiz
The Constitution Vocabulary Quiz
Supreme Court Timed Writing

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